Thursday, October 31, 2013

Razer Hydra support added to World of Reddit (v0.15)

After a couple nights work I've added Razer Hydra support to World of Reddit. [WIN] [OSX] [LINUX] If they're connected you'll be prompted to bind the controllers by pulling the Left and Right trigger. The controls for using them are:

It's a lot cooler using these to navigate and you can even use them standing up. I'll try to record a video of this next week for those without a Hydra.




Sunday, October 27, 2013

6 Awesome cyberpunk songs for coding

Anytime while coding or using the Oculus I loop some music to get me in a futuristic vibe. Thought I'd jot down some of my favorites:

1. "Butterfly" - Bassnectar 

2. "Hayling" - FC/Kahuna

3. "Small Time Shot Away" - Massive Attack

5. "Blade Runner Blues" - Vangelis (of course)

6. "Window Seat" - Bassnectar

Thursday, October 17, 2013

World of Reddit (v0.1)

Welcome to World of Reddit! [WIN] [OSX] [LINUX] A new way to experience our favorite site (and eventually the web?) as inspired by cyberpunk classics such as Hackers, Snow Crash, Neuromancer, etc.

Each subreddit is displayed in Yellow text with the posts displayed as cubes beneath it. To visit a subreddit you simply fly in that direction and look at the cubes.

What's cool is there's some discovery on the way as opposed to immediately clicking a link with no middle ground. Hooray serendipity!

Subreddits that are 18+ in nature such as nsfw, WTF, creepy, etc. are displayed in Red text. They're also further away in distance and require a few extra seconds travel time to reach them. This makes it harder to accidentally click a link and end up somewhere you don't want to be (it happens quite regularly on reddit, beware!)

Some subreddits even have ambient 3D sound, which can draw your attention to them as you fly by. Currently they're all preset but eventually these could be pulled from the web.

Oculus Rift support has been added but because of the lower resolution it can be harder to read small text. This sort of issue will eventually resolve itself though as Oculus resolution improves.

After using this for a bit there's already of ton of features that beg to be implemented. As it stands now though I'd rather people try it out and hopefully voice the things they'd like to see (and thus prioritize them).

To keep the content fresh, the current implementation uses the new filter as opposed to hot. It also ignores posts that link directly to articles for now since photos are more interesting.

Eventually it will have to include a way to view articles and text-only posts so these are some of questions I'm asking:
  • How to make text interesting?
  • What other Reddit features would you like to see? Search? Saving posts? Sharing posts? Viewing a specific subreddit by name?
  • What about customization? Would users like to dictate the positions of subreddits themselves or do they prefer a fixed, persistent map?
Hopefully I can add Razer Hydra support soon. In the meanwhile, check out the downloads here:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Twitter Application-Only Authentication with Unity WWW (Javascript)

xkcd is relevant, as always
So I started tinkering on Sunday night with a quick idea that requires some Twitter auth. Other than some scattered stack overflow posts, I couldn't find any simple material for getting this running using the Unity script class WWW.

Twitter's OAuth is pretty finicky but after hitting a dozen 403 Forbidden User and 400 Bad Requests, I finally got an access token with the following code:

Successful responses come in the form of:


Which you can parse out. From there, requesting things like trending topics or executing search queries can be done like so:

The next post will have a demo link to what these will be used for!