Monday, September 23, 2013

Bloggin ain't easy

Whew! It's tricky updating your blog regularly. I've been pretty busy this past week and just recently got caught up in updating Finest Hour for iOS 7, but hope to put something unity/oculus related out soon. A few quick updates:

I received my Razer Hydra in the mail and will be jumping into that ASAP. Needless to say it looks awesome.

Also, if you haven't checked out the STEM system on kickstarter I suggest you do so immediately!

By the way they describe it, it's so much more than just another game controller. Sixense is trying to build an open motion-tracking platform where anyone can build their devices on, without having to worry about the low-level tech.

Their kickstarter will ship with a basic controller, but the core of it revolves around the individual STEM pack, a standalone position and orientation tracker.

I could see indie developers down the line using this in their games and introducing custom controllers where you'd just plug a STEM pack in to play. The controllers could just be a cheap plastic shell, like a sword, shield, mace, etc.

The barrier to developing your own custom controller goes away. A very exciting promise!


And lastly here's a screenshot from another non-related side project as well (using Unity Pro Water!).

I hope to post more substantial updates regularly. Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Secondary Weapon, Burnable Houses, and more added to Bombshell Betsy v0.2



New features! You can now press (B) or Joystick Button (2) to drop bombs. Buildings can only be destroyed by them and will start to burn when you drop one close enough:

Vaclav also added some sweet textures to the buildings so fly in close to check em out:

Non-Oculus support has also been added. The game will start in Oculus mode but you can press (T) to toggle between them.

It seems silly but implementing this initially gave me some trouble. There's 2 cameras, the default Main Camera and an instance of OVRCameraController. My toggle code looks like:

But this gave me the error "There are 2 audio listeners in the scene. Please ensure there is always exactly one audio listener in the scene."

To fix this I removed the audio listeners from Main Camera and OVRCameraController, and created a blank GameObject at the cockpit position with a single AudioListener attached. That object has a variable LookTarget which changes based on what camera is active, and sets the same rotation in Update(). This preserves the 3D sound effects.

I hope people enjoy this. It's a real blast with the joystick + oculus combination :)