Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bombshell Betsy v0.1

A week later and we have lift off! Vaclav and I have been making good progress on a first demo putting you in the seat of a WW2 bomber:

It's very very crude at the moment but currently there's 4 enemy artillery guns to destroy. You have a machine gun as the primary weapon with a secondary weapon soon to come!

The controls are as follows:

• Use a Joystick with trigger.


• W = Pitch Down
• A = Roll Left
• S = Pull Up
• D = Roll Right

• Q = Yaw Left
• E = Yaw Right

• Space = Fire

• Press R to restart anytime.

I got to work through a ton of cool Unity stuff so far (Terrain & Tree building, Joystick Input, Skyboxes for the Rift) and will go back in the next few days mentioning them in detail.

One quick thing to note is I'll also be uploading a non-rift version very soon :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Here They Come", a first Unity demo

So after several nights of tutorials on CGCookie, I've managed to put together a first playable Unity demo! It's a mashup of 2 awesome courses by Gabriel Williams (Lunar Lander & Gun Turret).

It's super bare bones at the moment since I don't want to get hung up on tweaking this early on. Gotta keep moving onto learning more. The download links are:



I do however want to at least add Oculus support this upcoming week so I can post it to the dev forums. I also got a new joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) and it'd be fun to hook that in as well.

Last note: CGCookie is an amazing site and is totally worth the 18 bucks a month for their courses. They're continually adding more articles and resources so I definitely would recommend it for beginning unity learners.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Law, a kickass oculus demo

By far one of the coolest demos so far. I don't have an xbox 360 controller so it's a tad clunky with a keyboard, but he mentions bringing in mouse support down the line so we'll just sit tight.

The HUD totally reminds me of Interplay's Descent (1995). 

Motion sickness is minimal, making me think that space simulation games like this will be a real winner for the early oculus crowd. 

I really wanted to see that joystick move in parallel with your actions (tilt & pan).

For added fun play some dogfighting tracks from Eve Online ( at the same time.

Download it here:

Update (8/22/2013)
Just tried this out with my new joystick -- amazing!!